Omnify has enabled 1000+ pools reopen safely

What this movement is all about.

Helping communities with pools create a safe swim environment given the threat of COVID-19.

Omnify is providing a low cost scheduling system to manage controlled visits for pools to ensure safe social distancing.

Ensuring safety through online scheduling.

In a world that’s been changed in a few short months, we’re hoping to bring a touch of normalcy through summer pool fun.

Ensure safety of your members by accepting pre-bookings for your pool facility. Schedule blocks of time the pool is available throughout the day and accept only a limited number of patrons at a time. Have patrons agree to 'Terms and Conditions' or a 'Liability Release' before completing their reservation, and more.

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Steps to Take

Enable Social Distancing around and in the pool. How?
Establish a new limited 'social distancing capacity' to ensure there is enough space for patrons to follow distancing guidelines.
We've all either been in or seen long lines around grocery stores. Pools need a way for patrons to sign up to use the pool to avoid long lines & patron frustration (that's where Omnify comes in).

Disinfect, then disinfect some more.

Create a disinfecting schedule to make sure disinfecting is happening multiple times a day.

Create a fair system. How?
Establish several blocks of time throughout the day for patrons to sign up for the pool.
Next, limit those blocks of time to an hour or two. This helps to give everyone in the neighborhood a chance to enjoy the pool!  

How it works.

1. Setup Reservation Website with Omnify

Signup for a small monthly fee and get a dedicated reservation website for your pool.

2. Limit Attendance While Maximizing Pool Usage

Let’s say limiting pool visits to an hour and a half each and capping attendance at 25 members at a time is fitting for your pool. You’d also like to build in 30 minutes of disinfecting time between visits. Over the course of 11 hours, that’s 150 members enjoying the pool each day!

3. Members Book their Preferred Time Slot

Share your reservation website with your members. Members make reservations for themselves or their entire family. They’ll receive confirmation & reminder emails and can easily make reservation changes.

4. Members Visit the Pool at their Reserved Time

Members visit the pool at their scheduled time knowing there’s space for social distancing and there’s no waiting in line. Peace of mind AND summer fun.

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How do you create a safe swim environment with the threat of COVID-19?

Different states and counties are recommending different guidelines for pools, with some leaving it up to the facility altogether. Our FAQs explore various topics on COVID-19 and pools.

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